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About The Sports Teams Of Waukesha

Waukesha, Wisconsin has a long history of athletic achievement, from the rugged pioneer days when the roughest settlers took time off to play as hard as they worked all the way up to the modern day with professional and semi-professional sports. The sports teams of Waukesha enjoy small but dedicated followings, and many local athletes begin their careers in the local teams before moving on to larger things.

The primary sport of Waukesha, Wisconsin is good old fashioned American football. The sport, popular in the region of decades, possibly even a century now, has a great many adherents and fans all over the United States and Waukesha is no exception. Many Waukesha football fans consider the Green Bay packers to be their home team and will often while away many a lazy Sunday afternoon or wilder weekday night at the local sports bar, watching the Packers clash with other NFL teams on the gridiron on the bar’s screens, or perhaps in the comfort of their own homes with their close friends and families. Indeed, rooting for the Packers oftentimes becomes a family affair as several generations of football fans will eagerly come together to watch the big game whenever the Packers are playing.

There, however, a number of local football teams in the Waukesha area. While these teams are not the famous National Football League teams that are so popular and profitable across the United States, Waukesha fans consider them as much the home team as the Green Bay Packers. Indeed, a number of amazing athletes who found their way to the Green Bay Packers began their careers in Waukesha local football teams before their talent was recognized and they found their way into the National Football League’s world famous draft system before being picked up by the Green Bay Packers and hitting the big time.

One team is the Waukesha Wolfpack, a football team based in Waukesha and is among the city’s proudest establishments. The Wolfpack play all-American football to regular attendance from local fans who consider the team theirs as much as they do the Packers. While not quite as big or loud as the Packers, the Wolfpack does have its adherents among the people of Waukesha who support the team through thick and thin. Associated with the professional level Mid Continental Football League, the Wolfpack has not laid claim to any major championships, but the team still has its fans across the Waukesha area who pour into the local arena to see the team when they play.

Waukesha’s other major sports team is the Waukesha Country Soldiers, another football team that plays as hard and rough as any dedicated band of gridiron warriors. While it’s a toss up year to year as to whether the Soldiers or the Wolfpack or the city’s most popular team, the fact is the Soldiers do have their true believers in Waukesha who turn out for the team’s games with some regularity. Associated with the semi-pro/amateur league Ironman Football League, the Soldiers find some popularity with local athletes who consider making the team and playing with them a while the pinnacle of their athletic careers, even if they never make it to the professional leagues.

The other sports teams of Waukesha, Wisconsin are mostly associated with the University of Wisconsin – Waukesha. The University of Wisconsin Waukesha Cougars are associated with a number of collegiate level sports, including a basketball team, a golf team and a volleyball team. A number of high school teams also round the local sports scene, with a particular emphasis on basketball, which enthralls the community’s attention every season.