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What You Should Know About The Sports Teams Of Rockford

Whether you live in Rockford in Illinois, or you are just passing through, this city has a lot to offer. It is located quite a ways from Chicago, a place that many people go, and is also quite a distance from Milwaukee and Madison. It is a unique city in and of itself, the third-largest in Illinois. It is located in Winnebago County, and got its start back in 1835, and was purposely positioned exactly where it is because it was a midpoint between Galena and Chicago. Let’s look at what you can find when you arrive at the city if you are passing through, and also what type of sports teams actually play in Rockford.

How Do You Get There?

If you are interested in visiting, it’s near the Rock River, and you can get their driving up the 39 from Normal, or traveling up to 90 from Chicago. Historically speaking, it was settled by New Englanders, and at some point in time, it became a hub for not only agricultural machinery, but a large furniture producer. Later on, into the twentieth century, it gave proverbial birth to the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company. There was actually a Tacoma class frigate named after the city, commissioned in 1944, and has since diversified from furniture into the aerospace industry. There have been many downtown improvements, and many beautiful areas have been built up for not only the people that live there, but for people that are visiting. A 20,000,000 dollars renovation when into the MetroCenter, and due to the many jobs that have opened up as a result of the expansion of the school district, and the Belvedere Assembly Plant, it is a place where many people can find a job.

Demographics And Weather In Rockford

Just like every other area of Illinois, you are going to be treated to extreme temperatures. It can get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer, and drop all the way down to 33 degrees below zero. Demographics include white said 65%, and 20 percent African-American. The median income is $65,000 year, and only 10% are below the poverty level.

Sports Teams In Rockford

There have been many sports teams in the Rockford area including rugby, baseball, ice hockey, and even women’s roller derby teams. This includes the Rockford Ravens, Forrester’s, Ice hogs, Aviators and the Rockford Rage. These are teams that currently play, however there are no major league teams that actually play out of the city. People will travel to Green Bay, Cincinnati, or even down into Chicago, if they want to catch some major league games.

Rockford is a very beautiful location, located at the top of Illinois. If you are traveling up through into Madison, perhaps up to Stevens point or even Appleton, you will probably pass through the city. It is a place that you should visit to see the many attractions that they have which includes the Kryptonite, Anderson Japanese Gardens, the Frank Lloyd Wright home, and also the Discovery Center Museum. These are all designed for people that enjoy doing stuff with friends, family members or even their kids, and it will be just as good for tourists looking for something to do in the city of Rockford. If you are there for a few days, you might be lucky enough to see some of the local sports teams actually play. It’s good to have a sporting event to watch from time to time, and even though they are not playing at the major-league level, they still have star athletes that can provide you with an excellent time, regardless of what type of event you attend.