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A Little Bit About Sports Teams In Racine

When you travel to Wisconsin, especially if you are navigating on the west coast of Lake Michigan, you will likely run into a city by the name of Racine, a city that is right on the lake. Most people tend to go to the larger cities such as Milwaukee or Green Bay, or even Kenosha, but the city has a lot to offer. It also has quite a bit going on in terms of sports, and in the following article, we will show you exactly why you should be excited to participate in, or even watch, the many different sporting events that occur in Racine.

Why You Should Visit Racine

It is one of these cities that people have probably heard of, but may not have visited, because of its proximity to Milwaukee and Chicago. It is actually in between these two Giants cities, right on the Root River, a city with only 80,000 people. It’s known for many heavy hitters in large industries including S C Johnson inside. Malted milk balls were made here, as well as heavy equipment and machinery from JI case, and people move here because of the many activities that are available. For example, if you are bringing kids, the Racine Zoo is a good place to start, and then you might want to take them to North Beach. There’s lots of camping, fishing and boating that families can do, and if you like to ride bikes, you can also do that. For events, it just depends what is happening in the city, and the nightlife is always very active. However, the demographics of this place actually motivate people to move to this location more than anything else.

Demographics Of Racine

It is not the most lucrative place to live, based upon median income levels that are well below $40,000 per family. There are actually 30,000 households with one third of those having kids that are still in school. The median age is 33, and it seems that people retire here more than any of the other cities in Wisconsin as this is nearly 11 percent. There is also a wide range of racial groups with whites at only 62%. There is another reason that people enjoy this place which is the sporting events. Let’s look at those, specifically the teams that are known to play in Racine.

Sports Teams In Racine

The most recognized were the Racine Raiders, a football team back in the 1950s. There are some modern defunct teams that once played in the National Football League including the Racine Tornadoes and the Racine Malted Milks for baseball. Most of the sports that are played in this area are done by high school teams, and for those that want to see professional games, they have to head over to Green Bay, Chicago, or Milwaukee.

Although this sound is not have a lot in terms of sports, it is a good place to live. It is centrally located so that people can take advantage of the major league teams that are in close proximity to this city on the coast of Lake Michigan. Overall, it is a place that is very quiet in comparison to neighboring cities that have so much more happening at a metropolitan level. It is the perfect location for people that would prefer to be close to all of the events, but not directly in the hustle and bustle of the larger cities in Wisconsin. If you decide to move to Wisconsin, this might be a good place for you, even though there is not a lot of sports action on a regular basis.