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Quick Overview Of Sports Teams In Naperville

One of the top five cities in Illinois by population is called Naperville, a city that is closer to Chicago than Aurora or Joliet. It is a city that was actually rated by money magazine about a decade ago as being the second best location that anyone can live in the United States. Part of that reason has to do with the fact that people that live in the area are extremely wealthy, and it is actually a very wealthy city in general. It is also considered to be one of the safest cities, which is quite an accomplishment with nearly 150,000 people. There are a couple different sides to the city including the DuPage and Will County sides. Let’s look at how it started, and what the city has become, over the last 150 years, plus look at some of the local sporting events and teams.

How It All Began

Back in the 1830s, and man by the name of Naper decided to move into the area. He settled, along with his wife Almeda, prompting hundreds of settlers to stay at this location. By the 1960s, it really began to gain in popularity, increasing in population by nearly 100 percent every 10 years. Today, the median income for a family is $130,000, with males making nearly double what females do. What is interesting about the ethnicity in the area is that although 82% are white, nearly 15% are Asian. This makes it one of the largest concentrations of the Asian community, with very few African-Americans or Hispanics in the city.

Why It Is So Affluent

One of the reasons that it is so affluent is because of all of the technology and research that is done in the area, something that prompted the wealth to begin. Bell Labs is well-known throughout the world as one of the top locations for technological developments, and there are many other labs and scientific research companies, all of which pay a significant amount of money per year. The top employer is actually Edward Hospital, followed by Nicor which is an energy company, responsible for natural gas distribution. Other companies are in the text field, and contribute to the large amount of money that individuals are able to make these upon the training that they have had through college, previous experience and specialty schools.

Sports In The Area

Sports is actually not a very big part of this city. They do have public schools, private schools, and academies where kids in grade school and high school play ball. This could be basketball, football, or baseball, all of which are attended by the proud parents that live in Naperville. Most of the sporting events on a professional level occur outside of the city, as this is not a city that is based upon playing sports or racing cars. However, it is still a primary focus for families that enjoy enrolling their kids in sporting events, some of which may actually use this to get college scholarships which may might not be necessary because of how affluent their parents actually are.

If you are skilled in the medical field, or you have some experience in the tech field, this is definitely the place for you. You can take advantage of all of the new developments in the area, purchasing a new home, and enjoy this lifestyle that many people in surrounding cities do not get to enjoy. Naperville is a good place to stop and visit, on your way perhaps to cities that have more tourist related sites and activities. It is definitely something you will drive through on your way to other cities including Aurora and Chicago, two destinations that have more sporting events.