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Brief Summary Of Sports Teams In Joliet

If you are traveling this year, perhaps heading up to the Great Lakes area, you might want to pass through wonderful state of Illinois. There are many you to full cities and towns that you can visit, and one of the best is Joliet. Many people have not heard of this particular city, despite having a population of nearly 150,000 people. It is in the top five cities for population in the state of Illinois, smaller than Rockford, Aurora and of course Chicago. It is actually 40 miles from Chicago, the county seat of Will County, and has everything you could possibly want in a smaller city atmosphere. There are many sports teams that play in the area that we will present, in all different types of sporting events.

Why You Should Visit

Most people that come into this city might be just following roads that go along the Des Plaines River. This is the river that feeds into what later becomes the Illinois River, and it passes right through Joliet. From there, you could actually had up into Naperville, Aurora, or had far south checking out Indianapolis. In the city itself, there are roughly 36,000 households, and a total of 25,000 or so families, with some of the households consisting of married people with families, earning an income of about $55,000 every year. This is actually good income for the area, especially considering it’s not in Chicago proper. The economy is actually based upon many manufacturing industries, however the Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center, and also County jobs, make up the majority of where people work in the city.

What Can You See In Joliet?

Probably the most significant aspect of the city is the Chicagoland Speedway, the place where the NASCAR races actually occur. It is much smaller than the Indy 500 track that you will find in Indianapolis, but it is still a sight to see. There were many films that are notable that have been shot in the town including the blues Brothers, and also the television show Prison Break. The first Dairy Queen was also in this city, but it is now occupied by what is called the Universal Church. You can also see the Joliet Area Historical Museum, and it also has a couple casinos. There is a mall that you can visit to go shopping, and you can also see the Jacob A Henry Mansion if you want to, something that was inspired by the Italian Renaissance area.

Sports Teams In Joliet

This city does not have a major league football, baseball or basketball team. It’s claim to fame falls on the Joliet Catholic Academy which has a very good football program. It does have a minor league baseball team, the Joliet Slammers, and as far as sports go, it is the NASCAR which is the primary sport in the city.

People that live in the city actually can do many different things, all of which are accessible to tourists. There are many bike trails that you can go on including Rock Run, and there are two miniature golf courses, a waterpark, and a traditional Park called Pilcher Park that has a habitat for wildlife that people can walk through every day. It is a smaller city, and if you like racing, you will definitely like the NASCAR aspect of this location. If you are planning on moving here, it is definitely a good place for families, a much more low-key atmosphere than the larger surrounding cities, namely Chicago, where many people escape from to live in this beautiful location.