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The Sports Teams In Davenport Iowa Today

If you’re going to be traveling up through Illinois into Wisconsin, you might want to head west into Iowa. This is a state that is often bypassed by tourists, seeking to go only to the major cities like Chicago and Milwaukee. Iowa actually has a lot to offer, and there are major cities like Des Moines’s the state capital, Cedar Rapids, and a city called Davenport. This city has quite a few tourist attractions, and is a great place to live, one that provides community events and also has sports teams that play on a regular basis.

How It Came To Be

If you are traveling in for a few days, you can see a couple different places including the Putnam Museum. There are also the comedy clubs that you can see, the John Deere Pavilion, and also stop by the Rock Island Brewing company if you really like to drink beer. This city is on the edge of Iowa, so if you are heading up from Quincy Illinois, or even Springfield, you’re bound to run into it. It was actually acquisition from Native Americans as part of the Louisiana purchase, but it led to a battle where three tried to are defeated by the United States in what was called the Black Hawk War. Since that time, it has gradually increased in numbers, peaking at hundred thousand people back in the 1980s, dropping down a few thousand people, and then back over 100,000 present day. It’s actually a very dense city, 30 times the state average, and it has one of the highest numbers of white people, at 84%, with very few Asians or Native Americans. This has changed recently with all nationalities increasing with the exception of Caucasians, and a quarter of all of the people in the city are in high school or grade school. As with most of the cities in Iowa, there are more females than males, and a median age of 34 years. Finally, the median salary for families is $51,000, which is actually not that bad. The cost of living is also very economical, with the average home costing just $110,000.

What Can You Do In Davenport Iowa?

There are quite a few landmarks that you can see if you visit including the Modern Woodmen Park. There is also the German American Heritage Theater, and also the Centennial Bridge. According to statistics, there are 50 parks, 25 picnic areas, several playgrounds, ponds and lagoons. You can get a lot of exercise, or if you would prefer listening to a symphony, the Quad City Symphony Orchestra is located in Davenport, and they play on a regular basis.

Sports Teams In Davenport

This is actually located in an area called the Quad Cities, and this is where the name Quad Cities River Bandits actually came to be. It is also home for the Quad City Mallards, a hockey team, and also a basketball team called the Quad Cities Riverhawks. Other than that, there are high school games that can be attended, however no major league or professional teams. For that, you would have to travel to a larger city where professional teams are playing all the time at large stadiums.

The city is designed for families, and is also very affordable, making it a great place to move if you are on a fixed budget. One of the larger employers is the Genesis Medical Center which has 5000 staff members and 600 physicians. This might be where you would want to live if you are looking to move to Iowa. It is definitely affordable, and with all of the sports teams in Davenport that are available, you will always be able to attend some type of game.