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The Sports Teams Of Aurora Illinois

There have been many very successful teams that have come out of the state of Illinois. Most notably the Chicago Bulls. This is a team that had the incredible Michael Jordan, and the team is still doing very well today. In the smaller cities, specifically suburbs like Aurora that are just outside of Chicago, there are some sporting events that do go on and that are an integral part of those communities. Here’s a little bit about Aurora Illinois, why people visit, and what type of sporting events are happening there every year.

Where is Aurora Illinois?

If you had to Chicago, and you leave on the 290, and then the 88, you are going to run into Aurora which is a suburb of Chicago, right past Naperville. It is part of Kane County, sporting a population of nearly 200,000 people, and is primarily a midsized manufacturing city. It was once ranked as one of the fastest-growing cities in all of the United States, and is called the City of Lights, and nickname that it was given back in the 1800s when it became the first city to have all electric lights on the streets during the evening hours. It’s very close to the Fox River, and has quite a bit of architecture that is quite famous. There are structures by Frank Lloyd Wright, and there is also the Hollywood Casino Aurora, plus there are several of the old-style Sears catalog homes that you could once purchase through our catalog and have delivered.

Climate And Demographics Of Aurora

The climate in this area is quite similar to what you will find in Chicago, a place that is Wendy, can reach temperatures over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and actually hit lows of 36 degrees below zero. As for the demographics of the city, the average income for a single family is actually quite high. Households make over $61,000 which is not bad for an average, and there are fewer kids under 18, or at least still in school, then the national average for all of Illinois. The economy is based on technology and research, although many people will traveling to Chicago to work. There are several companies that are based here, including Caterpillar and the Aurora Brewing Company, all of which provide jobs for people in this community.

Sporting Events In Aurora

Almost a century ago, there was a minor the baseball franchise by the name of the Aurora Islanders. In the 1930s, fast pitch softball was quite popular, and today Aurora University has both men and women’s sports including cross-country, track and field, tennis, golf and basketball. There are also women’s volleyball teams, as well as softball teams, all of which are division three. There are of course high school teams that play every year, and in an odd bit of trivia, East and West Aurora high schools are actually longtime competitors, and have been so for nearly 100 years.

Aurora is one of those places that is located far enough away from Chicago which motivates people in the city to find a quieter place to live. It also puts people closer to other larger cities that they might want to visit such as Davenport or Springfield Illinois. It is a beautiful location, with many new upscale areas that motivate people to move into the area. If you have been thinking about visiting Illinois, and you have never been to Aurora before, it is definitely worth a visit. You can visit the Phillips Park zoo, the Fox River Trail at you want to run, and you can also play golf at the Rich Harvest Farms. There’s always something that you can find in Aurora to do, whether it is sightseeing, eating at fine restaurants, or simply enjoying the great hospitality of the people there.