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Places Of Interest In Rockford You Should Check Out

A state that all people should visit at least once is Illinois. It is directly below Wisconsin, adjacent at the northern tip to Lake Michigan, and it’s capital is a city called Springville. However, what it is most known for is a large city called Chicago that sits on the banks of the lake, and is known for its size, tall buildings, in the many famous people that have originated from it. However, to the northwest, there is another city that you should consider visiting called Rockford which has a rich history, one that was an integral part of the Civil War. This article will address faces of interest in Rockford that you should most certainly visit as you are taking a tour of this state.

How Rockford Began

This city began as a very small town, essentially a settlement that was founded by people from New England back in the 1830s. It was made into a city back in the 1850s, and was home to abolitionists, many religious notables, and a training site for World War 1 veterans. The growth of the city was the result of many different nationalities moving in including people from Lithuania, Poland, and African-Americans. The once dominated by those from Sweden and Ireland, it is now one of the more diverse cities throughout Illinois.

Climates And Demographics

One thing that Illinois is known for, especially northern cities such as Naperville and Chicago, are the extreme high and low temperatures. It also has quite a bit of humidity, and snowfall can be as much as six feet, and it was also a prominent part of the Dust Bowl back in the 1930s. The demographics have certainly changed over time. In the last few decades, as the population has changed, non-white individuals actually represent nearly half of the people in this particular city, which is quite significant for this area of the Midwest.

Places Of Interest In Rockford

If you get to Rockford, you might want to see the many things that you can do in the city. Although some people may spend a little more time in Chicago because of its close proximity, or head up to Milwaukee, there are several things that you can do in Rockford. This would include the Burpee Museum of Natural History, the Magic Waters seasonal outdoor aquatic Park, and if you like to go hiking, the Rock Cut State Park is a fan favorite with people in the area, and individuals that like to hike all over the country. You can look at a piece of history by taking a trip to the Coronado theater, or attend a concert at the BMO Harris Bank center. If you have kids, the Discovery Center Museum is perfect for kids that enjoy education and science. Finally, toward the end of your trip, just to relax, you can see some of the Victorian homes in the Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum, or head on over to the Anderson Japanese Gardens which is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world.

Regardless of your interests, you will find something to do in Rockford that is absolutely fun to do. Those that are traveling with a significant other may find it more fun to go to some of the clubs at night, you can simply take advantage of all of the fine dining is available in the area. It is a beautiful city, one that many people have decided should be there final place to live. Even if you have never been to Illinois before, you may find that this ever changing city is exactly where you want to be, something that you may decide after seeing these many different places of interest in Rockford.