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Places Of Interest In Racine

Racine, Wisconsin is a small city inside the Midwest, on the shores of Lake Michigan. Yet, inside this seemingly quiet town, there is a vibrant life and many places of interest for those willing to search for them.

Among the places of interest in Racine, Wisconsin are a variety of strange, oftentimes surprising places that one does not normally associate with the American Midwest. For those intent on sight seeing in a tranquil place, there is the Wind Point Lighthouse. Perched on the shores of the massive Lake Michigan, this lighthouse has a long and distinguished history of guiding sailors through the gloomy nights of ages past. While an anachronism in the modern age of sonar and other state of the art navigational aids, the Wind Point Lighthouse is still a wonderfully picturesque site full of history and beautiful views of the natural wonder that is the Great Lakes.

Another point of interest for visitors to Racine is the Racine Zoo. While not a truly massive zoo comparable to famous ones in other spots in the world, the Racine Zoo does have a few interesting animal specimens on display and is a piece of local culture that has been there for years and shows no signs of leaving any time soon. Considered a treasure by the locals, the zoo has a number of programs for children, a number of high profile endangered African Penguin preservation programs and occasional events such as the Roar and Pour, a beer tasting event held at the zoo to benefit the zoo’s conservation programs.

Another particular local gem is Seven Keys to Escape. Working as something of an immobile Murder Mystery Train with a bit of haunted house attraction mixed it, Seven Keys to Escape allows customers and their friends to take part in simulations of various scenarios ranging from ghost stories to murder mysteries. While the exact scenarios change from time to time so management can keep things fresh and different, Seven Keys to Escape prides itself on offering visitors an intellectual challenge to escape a built in maze that changes often and solve a preplanned mystery scenario intended to be thrilling and entertaining at the same time. While not everybody wins the scenarios, many people who “died” inside the simulation admit to have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Another high profile site in Racine is the Racine Art Museum. Though some what avant garde but not too much so by necessity, the Racine Art Museum (or RAM) contains a number of unusual exhibits that go beyond simply collections of paintings and statues. It features works in glass, steel, photography, plastic and other unusual materials, as well as a fascinating array of paintings and more orthodox sculptures, all with a particular Midwest flavor to them. Additionally, the RAM also acts as a focal point for the Racine arts community, with juried art shows, exhibitions from local artists, art classes and community involvement programs intended to allow the people of Racine and visitors to the city alike embrace the arts for themselves.

Hot Shop Glass is another particular local treasure, a workshop focused on the creation of art in the medium of glass, from simple ornamentation bulbs to elaborate full fledged stained glass masterpieces. Visitors are welcome to drop during the shop’s open hours and many of the glass blowers and crafts will often teach introductory courses in the art of glass making to those curious and brave enough to try them. The classes are exciting and often lead to the creation of beautiful glass art pieces and while these classes are not free, many who visit the Hot Shop Glass storefront are pleasantly thrilled by their time spent there.