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Enjoy These Places Of Interest In Madison The State Capitol Of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin is a very interesting place. I just finished writing a piece about places of interest in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is Packers country. Now it’s time to look for attractions and places of interest in Madison, Wisconsin, which by the way is the state capitol. That state capitol building is actually a great place to start.

One reviewer paints a picture of the building as very ornate and a place for visitors to have plenty of photo opportunities. You can take a tour of the building, and if you’ve got kids with you, they will definitely have fun. There is one local resident that left a review of the capitol building and said they lived close by yet visit this place frequently. If it’s a place to be for the locals, then you can bet it’s also a good place to visit for the vacationers. Of course, you also have to pay a visit to Capitol Square to make it a complete outing.

Next up is Henry Villa’s Zoo. According to multiple reviews, it’s a place that you’ll want to plan on spending at least a couple of hours at, so this can be one of those all-day events that gets the kids tired enough to sit still for dinner. And when you expect to visit a zoo, you think you’re going to have to pay, right? Well, at this zoo, admission is free, which is quite a treat.

The Olbrich Botanical Gardens is another great place to visit. According to reviews, while all seasons are nice here, it’s the fall time that really stands out. What time of year will you be visiting Madison, Wisconsin? Remember that certain places of interest will be much better suited for certain times of year. Gorgeous fountains, birds and butterflies are all throughout these gardens, and it’s all definitely worth taking the time to visit.

Are you like me and enjoy visiting farmer’s markets? Well, the Madison Farmer’s Market would be a place I would want to visit. Imagine what all fresh produce you could finds, and there is a wide selection of fresh meats, too. There is a place in Texas I like to go to that serves up fresh produce and fresh meat that is cured right there at the facility. These are the types of places you want to visit during the summer harvest and when you can enjoy the experience and pick up some local treats. Evidently, there is a view from this place of the capitol that is spectacular, and also some great coffee.

You might also want to visit the University of Wisconsin and Camp Randall Stadium. If it’s some culture through art that you’re looking for, there is the Chazen Museum of Art. I think my first stop, however, would be to watch a Madison Mallards minor league baseball game. I’m a sucker for baseball, and while I love going to major league baseball games, minor league games are very much fun.

The University of Wisconsin has a Geology Museum, so I definitely think I’d have to pay a visit to the university, which was mentioned earlier. For a scenic view, a great walk, a bike ride and more, one place you want to visit is the Lake Monona Shoreline. As you can imagine, the best place to do this might be during the summertime.

Now what places of interest in Madison, Wisconsin are on your radar? Trust me, there is plenty more to do. These are only part of what waits for you when you visit the state capitol of Wisconsin.