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Discover What The City Of Kenosha, Wisconsin Offers Its Visitors

With Lake Michigan bordering Kenosha and all kinds of great things to do and see, you’ll have a great vacation in this city. You might even venture out to other neighboring cities to see more of what Wisconsin has to offer. When you’re visiting a place like New York or Los Angeles, there is tons to do, but you’re likely to venture off to the tourist hot spots, which means the surprise is a bit spoiled. I bet you don’t know the first thing about what you would be doing in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

First of all, there is a really cool Civil War Museum that you’re going to want to visit. The museum of course features a great gift shop for you to buy your souvenirs. That’s one thing about vacations. You have to purchase those souvenirs so you can say you’ve been there. Many reviews talk about how people were surprised to see a Civil War Museum in the Midwest so it made the experience unique and different.

There are other museums in the area, and one of them is the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. This isn’t a museum that you’re going to be in for hours, and that makes many people happy. Visiting museums are fun but sometimes you just don’t have all the time in the world and want to move on to something else after awhile. The reviews point to this adventure lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. And one more thing, it’s free to visit the Dinosaur Discovery Museum.

There are many nature adventures in Kenosha as well as experiences to do with the arts. Remember that Wisconsin gets pretty cold during those winters, so this might be a city that you want to visit during a summer vacation. Don’t get me wrong, the fall and winter is going to be beautiful there, but you’ll enjoy being out in nature more during the summertime.

The Kenosha Sculpture Walk is one really cool place to visit that is going to give you some great pictures to remember your vacation by. While it’s fun seeing the art, it’s also fun just being there in the summer sun, with plenty of things to do and a great place to get a little exercise. There are always plenty of people there, so you’ll know you’re enjoying a good spot while on vacation. In case you weren’t aware, the artwork and this ‘Sculpture Walk’ is going to put you right on the lake.
Now it’s time to discover some restaurants that are places of interest Kenosha, Wisconsin has to offer. Tenuta’s is one of the restaurants you’re going to want to visit. According to one site, it’s the #1 restaurant in Kenosha. What if you were told they didn’t just have authentic Italian pasta but imported Italian pasta? That would be something unique and special to try for sure. There is also a cool deli here that you’ll want to check out.

The Boathouse is another great restaurant in Kenosha, and as you can imagine, there are many great seafood items on the menu. You’re talking battered cod, oysters and all kinds of good stuff, but you’ll also run into great menu items like potato pancakes and pulled pork. There is an eclectic menu that will fit everyone’s tastes.

There really are so many more things to do in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and there are many more great restaurants, too. You might want to pay a visit to The Garage, which is another very popular place to eat. Aside from that, see what else you discover as you check out the places I’ve told you.