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Don’t Pass Up These Places When You’re Visiting Green Bay, Wisconsin

When you think of Green Bay, Wisconsin, what comes to mind? I think of cheese and the cheddar heads that people wear during games. Naturally, I think about the Green Pay Packers. Now, Green Bay is a popular city, not just in Wisconsin but within the entire United States. There are many unique and fun things to do in Green Bay, and you’re ready to hear about them all.

While ‘bay’ is in the city name ‘Green Bay,’ I’m going to start off with a place I wouldn’t have imagined at finding in this city. It sounds like quite a bit of fun. Pay a visit to Bay Beach Amusement Park, which is of course right on the bay in the city. Imagine all the rides and activities, making this amusement park a great spot for families. Evidently one of the best rides according to the reviews is the ‘Zippin Pippin.’

Not only is there a great zoo in Green Bay, but there is also a Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, which I’m sure isn’t far away from the Bay Beach Amusement Park. The reviews of this place state quite a bit of information, such as there is a large collection of great birds, including eagles and owls. You can of course feed some of the animals, and it’s a great place to visit no matter the time of year you show up.

Have you ever visited a railroad museum before? They are pretty interesting, and of course there are many throughout the United States. I found one in Tennessee when I was visiting my friend years ago, and there was also a sports card shop and all kinds of things there. Well, there is the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, and it’s actually one of the top ranked attractions. The reviews say it’s open on the weekends, and that it’s also a very interactive place for children and families.

There are plenty of other cool museums to visit, too. Again, if you have a family with you, then The Children’s Museum is a great place to go. Of course, if you’re not with your family, then you might want to pay a visit to Oneida Casino. Another popular place to visit is the Walk of Legends. This is for Packers fans and people that want to learn the history of the football team. It’s really one of those things you ‘must do’ if you’re vacationing in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Kastle Park is always fun, too. Are you interested in go-karts and mini-golf? There are other things to do at this place, too, such as enjoy the bumper boats! Evidently, the place has been around for quite some time. As you can see, it’s a mainstay in the area, again the type of place you want to visit.

There are also a couple of aquatic centers, and you can go on wine tasting tours at a few places as well in Green Bay. There is also a great bowling alley, a nature and wildlife tour and Rose Hill Gardens. Meyer Theater is one more place I wanted to highlight that stood out to me. This place looks very old-fashioned and like it has been preserved well. There are all kinds of shows you can catch there, and one reviewer even talked about a rock concert.

Would the first thing you do when you visit Green Bay still be to see a Packers game? That would be fun, but hopefully you have a whole slate of things to do now when you go on vacation.