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5 Hot Spots In Des Moines

There’s lots to do in Des Moines if you know where to look. Below are the 5 top hot spots in Des Moines for 2016:

1. For The Foodies

Fongs Pizza restaurant serves a strange combination of delectable Chinese cuisine and some of the best pizza in Des Moines. This is a great choice for lovers of Asian style food who have to eat out with family, friends or loved ones who don’t share their passion.

The Cheese Shop Restaurant is ideal for those who love deli food and this is definitely one of the best lunch locations in Des Moines. You can choose to sit and eat, but due to the small space available, make a reservation or take your food to go.

2. For The Art Lover

Des Moines Art Center has a permanent collection of sculptures, canvas and other works of art from a variety of artists around the world. You can expect to see a large range of contemporary works with some regional, expressionist and modern art thrown in to the mix.

But it’s not just the art that attracts thousands of visitors all year round. The architecture of the main building and the gardens are a sight to behold. The on site restaurant also receives rave reviews for the cuisine that they provide.

3. For The Outdoor Enthusiast

The Clive Greenbelt Trail offers outdoor lovers a wide variety of activities as well as a jogging path and bike trail for exercise fanatics. The scenery is exceptional with the river being the main attraction.

Picnic tables, plenty of tall, shady trees and the general care imbued on the park makes it the ideal spot for a day out in nature. Plenty of bird and wild life make the park their home so don’t be alarmed if a buck or two wander into your picnic area just to see what you are up to.

4. For The Family

Unlike most fairgrounds across the United States, the Iowa State Fair has managed to survive for over a century. But this doesn’t mean that the attractions are old or stuffy. Fair ground rides and attractions are constantly updated to keep both the locals and visitors from around the world entertained. Traditional fair food and scrumptious treats are available.

The Blank Park Zoo is also a fantastic family destination. The grounds are small in comparison with other similar zoos meaning that even the younger family members won’t have trouble seeing all the animals on exhibit. There are animals from all over the planet and the zoo is open to the public all year round. However, some exhibits may be closed during the colder, winter months as these animals are from warmer climates and cannot deal with the cold.

5. For The Shopper

Grey’s East Village is the ideal place to pick up the usual touristy items as well as some quirky and unusual items. The vintage style shops give the Village an old world charm and also stock some traditional wares that have not changed much over the decades.

But it is not just the shopping that makes the East Village so enjoyable. Loads of restaurants allow visitors to taste and sample different types of food to titillate the taste buds and keep the tummy satisfied.

Make sure you plan your trip to the East Village, marking the stores that you want to visit and put an entire day aside to make the most of the experience. Plenty of small side streets, nooks and crannies and alleys could mean that you miss out on the best shopping on offer.