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Appleton Wisconsin – Places To Visit While In The Area

Appleton may not be Green Bay or Madison, but it’s still a neat city in Wisconsin with 65+ things to do, and that’s not counting all the great restaurants to eat at while you’re there. Residents I’m sure could tell you all about what they do for fun, and of course you’re there on vacation, you want to know. Let’s start you off at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center for a show. Do you know what kind of shows you can enjoy there?

Different plays are put on there, and two reviews point to Beauty And The Beast and 12 Angry Men, two great classics. It would be neat to take in a great show like that while you’re on vacation. Those are the types of memorable experiences you have to put under your belt. In case you’re wondering, these aren’t Broadway shows of course, but they are done in that style, which means you should find them quite entertaining and professionally done.

Did you think you would be visiting a castle while in Appleton, Wisconsin? Well, that’s what you’re in for is a castle when you visit The History Museum. There are pictures of the place that look really nice. There is a castle at Broadway at the Beach where I live in Myrtle Beach and at Brookgreen Gardens here as well. However, these castles seem to pale in comparison to the one here in Appleton, Wisconsin. And by the way, did you know that Appleton was Harry Houdini’s hometown?

Appleton Memorial Park is another great place to visit, and one thing you also want to know about this park is that it’s a great place to book for special events. I saw one review about a person planning a shower, and there are plenty of other reviews out there that talk about this park. They say the venue is beautiful and that there are great views there as well.

What could be more beautiful and more interesting visually than the Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin? This intrigues me, and it makes me want to see what all they have set up there. I really like butterflies and always think about my grandmother who liked butterflies very much. It would be a great place to take the kids as long as they’re willing to behave.

I see one review about the Paper Discovery Center that says it’s boring, and I’ll give you that the name doesn’t sound all that great. However, it has a high rating, and let’s see if I can’t figure out a few more things about the place. First of all, you get to make paper, and second of all, if you have young kids, this is a very tactile learning environment and fun zone for them. Most of the reviews are positive, but it’s just that negative review that caught me at first glance.

You can also visit Lawrence University. Everyone always visits the big universities, but this would be one unique gem to pay a visit. Of course, you also need to visit the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve. That sounds like something different, very relaxing to do. Evidently, there is more here to do than you would think.

For example, one review talks about moonlight snowshoe adventure. That is something I couldn’t imagine doing anywhere else now that I’ve heard about it. I can put myself in the shoes of someone on vacation, and I can tell you that I would want to do that if I were visiting Appleton, Wisconsin, of course when there was snow on the ground.