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Quick History Of Rockford Illinois

The state of Illinois is known primarily for its cold weather, and its most famous city Chicago. This city actually has nearly 3,000,000 people, and the closest contenders have 200,000 people or less which includes Aurora, Joliet, Naperville and Rockford. Located outside of the suburbs of Chicago is the city of Rockford, a city that can be accessed on the 90. It is a place of great diversity, something that is very apparent you start to do a little research on its origins, the demographics available today, and the many things that you are able to do in this city right now.

How Rockford Began

Rockford is located in the Township of Rockford, in the County of Winnebago. It is the third largest city in Illinois by population, located on the Rock River. This settlement began in the mid-1830s, specifically settled due to its proximity between Galena and Chicago. It was once considered one of the top producers of furniture, but due to changes in the economy, and changes in the focus of our country, it is now home to some very high-tech corporations that focus upon aerospace, automotive products, and health care. It is also known as Forest City because it is close to places where you can go hiking, fishing, something that is not available in the suburbs of many large cities in Illinois. Its climate is actually similar to many cities that are not directly adjacent to Lake Michigan, reaching highs above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and lows below negative 32 degrees. The reason that many people come to this particular city is because they have skills as a result of a job that they have right now, or a degree, that allows them to get one of these high-paying positions. The demographics of the city will clearly show you the type of people that live there, and why you might want to consider other visiting or relocating.

Demographics Of Rockford

Although there are many high paying positions in highly technical jobs, it is the public school district which employs the most people. Additionally, the Chrysler plant, referred to as the Belvidere assembly plant, employs almost the same amount of individuals. The healthcare system is next, followed by the UTC aerospace systems company, and then there are many county jobs that also employ people. It began with actually a large number of people back in 1860, nearly 7000, and despite a couple times where the population has actually reversed, it is now at about hundred and 50,000. The positions that are available typically bring on average $55,000 dollars a year for families. It is a diverse community, one that has about 15% Hispanics, 58% whites, and the rest are all other nationalities. There are actually quite a few families in this area, with 20 percent being under the age of 18. This is good news for people that are in the medical industry, as well as the educational industry, as children represent a large portion of how they are able to function.

Looking at these demographics, if you happen to be a teacher or administrator, if you have worked in the car industry, or if you have any type of aerospace engineering degree, you will most certainly be at home in this city which is accommodating to people that have the skills, or at least the background in these professions. On the other hand, if you are thinking about retiring, and you do want to stay in Illinois, this is a great place to retire if necessary. It is close to areas where you can get back to nature, if that is what you prefer over the Metropolitan aspect of the city, and will be a great alternative for people that would like to not live in the Chicago area.