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A Brief History Of Kenosha Wisconsin

A trip to the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Michigan, may have you traveling through a couple different states. This would include Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. In fact, the state of Wisconsin is one of the least traveled states in the United States, but it has so much to offer, a great place to begin to understand how early settlers moved across all the way to the Pacific Ocean. There is a city that has a population of about 100,000, the fourth-largest on Lake Michigan itself. It is called Kenosha, and the following information will show you why it is a destination that you will definitely want to come back to once you have had some time there.

Why Travel To Wisconsin?

To understand why a trip to Kenosha should be on your itinerary for travel stops throughout the United States, you should know a little bit about the state of Wisconsin so that you can see why people travel there more than ever before. It is located in the north central United States, considered to be one of the better mid West states to visit, primarily because of its landscape and its proximity to the Great Lakes region. Bordered by Minnesota, it is a state that gets quite a bit of snowfall, with its state capital being Madison. Divided up into 72 counties, it is a diverse area that is one of the nation’s leading dairy producers, and it is also where you can find Kenosha Wisconsin.

An Overview Of Kenosha

This city is next to Lake Michigan, one that has a rich history dating far back into antiquity. This is where archaeologists first discovered the Clovis culture, as well as information about the Paleolithic Indians that settled their 13,500 years ago. It was called Potawatomi by the Native Americans, and the first white settlers showed up as part of the Western Emigration Company. It was during the 1900s that the city was responsible for producing a massive quantity of trucks and automobiles, and as a result of all of the money that was generated, it led to many people moving into this region that has created quite a diversity in regard to ethnicity and the population.

Demographics Of Kenosha

This city started out with just over 3000 people back in the 1850s, and has gradually progressed in numbers up until this time. There was a slight lull back in the 1980s, recovering quickly, allowing it to reach just over 99,000 people. In the city there are just about 37,000 households, and three quarters of the population are white. African-Americans make up 10 percent, and 16 percent are Latino or Hispanic, along with many other races and cultures.

Things To Do In Kenosha

Although there are plenty of activities that you can participate in within the city, it is actually known for its parks and recreation activities. This has to do with having eight miles of shoreline on Lake Michigan, as well as 74 municipal parks and places that people can go rafting, cycling, and swimming. It was once ranked as one of the best places to raise a family, as well as to live, which is perfect for people that have young families. They have attempted to have a pro football team called the Kenosha Cardinals, but other than that, it is a city known for its many restaurants, suburbs, and all of the activities that come with living on Lake Michigan.

Once you have visited Kenosha, you will likely want to return. It is a city that is more rustic than Metropolitan. It is positioned perfectly between major cities so that you can travel into two major shopping if you choose to live there, or you may just want to relocate after retiring because you enjoy being on the water. Either way, it is a destination that many people love, so much so that people that visit often decide to relocate. You can discover why so many people enjoy visiting this Midwestern city if you plan a trip to Kenosha this year.