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Brief History Of Joliet Illinois

The state of Illinois is home to the famed city of Chicago, a location that is directly below the Great Lakes. It is a Midwestern region, the fifth most populous state, and one that has many natural resources including petroleum, timber and cold. The largest city is Chicago, and is a location where French-Canadians first arrived traveling up and down the Mississippi River. There are also smaller cities that are actually not really that small, but still provide a metropolitan lifestyle. One of those is called Joliet, the focus of this article, a place that you will certainly want to visit at some point in time.

Why Visit Illinois?

When you learn about the history of Illinois which is surrounded by several different states including Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky, this allows people to actually enter into many of the Midwestern states from this one central location. Back in the 1900s, coal mining was one of the largest industries. After the French-Canadians came, and following the American Revolutionary war, it became the home of many famous people including Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, and Ronald Reagan. In the midst of all of this history, there is a city called Joliet that we are going to present.

Joliet Illinois

This all started back in 1833 when a person by the name of Reed decided to build a cabin in this area. Although it was originally called Juliet, the community change the name to Joliet which it is known as today. The geography of this area is quite sprawling, extending into several different townships, and there are river valleys and of course access to Lake Michigan at the northeast corner. The climate can be much more tolerable than northern states like Minnesota and Michigan, reaching high temperatures of about 84 degrees, and low temperatures just below freezing. The city actually started with about 2000 people, and although there have been ups and downs, it has seen a dramatic rise in the last two decades. The median income is roughly $47,000 for an individual, and is actually the fastest-growing Midwestern state. Part of that reason has to do with medical centers, casinos, and the University of St. Francis drying more people to get an education. There is also a prison which employs many people, and there is quite a bit to do once you arrive in this large city.

What You Can Do In Joliet

Once you arrive at the city, you can take advantage of family activities such as miniature golf, water parks, and outdoor recreational centers. There are actually Native American remains from the Potawatomi Indian village that people can visit to really get an understanding of how all of this began. There are many biking trails, places that you can go when you would prefer to be outside. It is recommended that you travel during the spring and summer, and perhaps during the fall, if you really enjoy hiking, fishing or simply canoeing on the many rivers that they have available.

Once you have traveled through Illinois, if you are looking for a city that still offers some country conveniences such as outdoor activities that are available, or if you are thinking about relocating to a destination that is good for your kids so that they can grow up in a safer atmosphere, Joliet is definitely where you want to be. Although it is not the largest city, this is probably a benefit, and its close proximity to larger areas will cater to those that do need a metropolitan atmosphere from time to time. Find out more today about traveling to this beautiful location in Illinois that everyone in your family will enjoy.