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The Demographics Of The Town Waukesha

If small towns attract you, ones that are also located in areas that are close to lakes and rivers, as well as modern cities that are close by, you will probably enjoy your stay at Waukesha Wisconsin, a city with only 8500 people. For those that have never been there before, you can do a lot of sightseeing such as go swimming or rafting on the Fox River. There is the Minooka Country Park, the Frame Park, and plenty of place to shop including the Waukesha Farmers Market. We will look at the demographics of Waukesha now, along with a few more fun facts about this small town in Wisconsin, not to be confused with the adjacent city of the same name.

Your Journey To Waukesha

When a person travels to Wisconsin, they typically make it stop at the city of Milwaukee, a town popularized by many famous television shows. It is the home of the Harley-Davidson Museum, and its close proximity to Lake Michigan, makes it a definite tourist attraction. Traveling west from Milwaukee, which is where most people will either end up when driving, or they might fly in, they will travel on the 94 going toward Madison, and they will drive right through Waukesha.

What Will You Find At Waukesha?

One of the benefits to traveling through this small area is that you will get to experience how small towns actually are. Most people tend to live in large metropolitan areas, and if you are coming from the walkie, it will definitely be a culture shock. As far shopping, you can check out the Allo Chocolat, the Charming Charlie, or the antique stores that are on the main street. If you want to go drinking, there is the Fixture Brewing Company, Bosco’s Social Club, and the Cue Club of Wisconsin. For dining, you really can’t go wrong with the Texas Roadhouse, or the Big Screen Bistro, all of which are very excellent places to get beverages and meals. Now let’s look at the demographics of Waukesha in terms of the population, ethnicity, and the type of jobs you could hope to find if you decide to move to this location.

Demographics Of Waukesha

The demographics in this area are actually quite interesting. They are more diverse than you would imagine. Beginning with the population, the town had its initial census back in the 1980s starting with about 6600 people. It is now around 8500 people, dropping down from its peak of 9100 in 2010. This is far different from the actual city of Waukesha, which is adjacent to the town, which has a population of 70,000 people. Due to their close proximity, people often confuse the city with the town as they do have the same exact name. In regard to nationalities, it is 97 percent Caucasian, with the rest being black, Native American, or Asian. There are only 2800 households, and the average median income is very high, at 73,000 dollars, in comparison to the city which is only 50,000 dollars per household per year.

Whether you decide to travel to the city of Waukesha, or the town that we are discussing here, you will get a taste of what Wisconsin has to offer. These are some of the most friendly people that you will ever meet, and as the demographics continue to change, you can see ships in wages, and ethnicities, and household incomes as time passes by. Most of the people in the town may work for the health-care system which is what most individuals in this area do. Regardless of whether you decide to visit, or if you decide to stay, Waukesha is a wonderful place to be.