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An Overview Of The Demographics Of Rockford Illinois

Situated inland about 100 miles from Chicago is a city called Rockford Illinois. It is the third largest of all of the cities that are located in the state of Illinois, harboring about 150,000 people. If you include the outline population, it is actually closer to 350,000 people, but it has to creased over the last few years. It actually was settled back in 1834, and it was specifically settled to be a place in between Chicago and Galena. This allowed it to move into the industrial sector, a place where heavy machinery and tools were made. It is also known for the substantial amount of furniture that it once manufactured, but due to economic declines, it had to expand into other areas including healthcare, aerospace and automotive areas.

What Will You Find A Rockford?

This city is actually referred to as the Forest City, a name given to it many years ago. There are many popular attractions including the Anderson Japanese Gardens, and natural museums that people can visit, as well as the oldest music club, the Mendelssohn Club, which has featured memorable performers including Cheap Trick. During its development years, there was an influx in many different nationalities including African-Americans, Irish, and the Polish. There were always contemporary issues such as conflicts during the time of prohibition, and later led to the development of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Today, it is a place where families can be raised, although many have moved out due to the increasing size of this city. The climate is actually not that different from what you will experience throughout Illinois with temperature highs going above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and dropping below 30 degrees below zero. After you have arrived in the city, you should consider going to the Coronado Theater, the discovery Center Museum, and the Rock Cut State Park which will allow you to experience all of the trails and lakes that are in the vicinity of the city all year round. There is also the BMO Paris Bank Center where performing arts and concerts are played, and there is quite a bit of nightlife for adults including restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that you can enjoy.

Demographics Of Rockford

The demographics of this city include a wide range of different nationalities. There are only 58% non-Hispanic whites, over 20% African-Americans, 16% Hispanics and Latinos with the remainder coming from Asians, Pacific Islanders and other races. The income and the city is actually quite low by comparison to cities that are suburbs of Chicago. The average household earns about $55,000 per year, with men earning $37,000 and women earning $25,000 on average. Families below the poverty line are 15% or more, and about 20% of the people in the city are below or at the age of 18. As far as religion, it is primarily Catholic and Christian denominations, with a few Jewish synagogues and places for the Buddhist community to worship do exist as well.

Based upon the demographics, it is clear that this is a city that is slowly shifting from a family oriented city to one that is diminishing in population. It is located where people can take advantage of nature such as hiking or fishing, but the sheer size of the city may actually be motivating people to move elsewhere. It is a good place to go if you are looking for ethnic diversity, and is certainly a good place to visit. Check out Rockford Illinois this year, or maybe even consider moving to this city, a place that many people have come to call home.