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Our Overview Of The Demographics Of Racine Wisconsin

If you would prefer not living in a large city in Wisconsin such as Milwaukee, Madison or Green Bay, you might want to consider moving to a smaller city such as Racine. This is a destination that many people often choose if they prefer life on the lake. It only has a population of about 80,000 people, and is close enough to Milwaukee and Chicago in case you would prefer shopping at these larger areas. Even though it is smaller, the headquarters for the many different companies such as S.C. Johnson and Son, J.I. Case and Twin Disc have all decided to reside in the city. If you have ever had malted milk balls, they were also developed in this city, once known for being a factory town for the manufacturing of machines and fanning mills that were used in the production of grain. The demographics of the city have changed quite a bit over the decades, and that is actually what we will present in this article.

Why Choose Racine Wisconsin

There are many benefits to living in this area. Many people absolutely love the downtown area and Marina. It’s also a good location for jobs, depending upon what type of work that you do. Although the median income for a family in the city was only $45,000, the cost of living is actually much more reasonable than in larger cities in Wisconsin. It has actually had an amazing drop in crime, nearly 40%, and the median age of people in the area is the same as it is across most of Wisconsin which is 33 years of age.

Demographics Of The Area

When looking at demographics, there are several things that will stand out when making a choice to move to any city or town. For example, you can tell by the rise in population as to whether or not economic growth is sustainable. Starting back as far as the 1800s, you can see that it has steadily grown for about 100 years, up until 1970. However, due to changes in the type of work that is actually done in the area, there has been a gradual drop in the population, nearly 20,000 people in the last several decades, but a good racial makeup which has about 61% white, 23% black, and Hispanics at about 21%. The poverty line has been crossed by nearly 14 percent of the population, but if you have a job that you are transferring into that pays quite a bit, you shouldn’t have to worry about the continuity of that profession. Even though this is primarily a factory town, due to the large companies that are headquartered there, it is still a viable option for people moving either on their own or with their families.

The demographics of this particular city may have a lot to do with changes in the economy, and the focus that businesses have today. It was once a thriving center simply because of the harbor, but with the changes that have occurred, you would have to be employed in the chemical, cleaning, heat exchange, and high-tech job sector in order to feel comfortable. It is a great place to retire, especially for those that appreciate access to the harbor and the lake, allowing them to go out on the water. It is a perfect location for those that are also not wanting to be in larger cities, but can easily travel there within a few hours. Using this overview of the demographics, which should help you make a logical choice as to whether or not Racine is the right place for you.