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The Demographics Of Naperville Illinois

Most people that have gone to the state of Illinois of travel to Chicago, but perhaps not some of the smaller cities. There is a city by the name of Naperville, which is actually a suburb of Chicago, which was once voted as one of the best places that a person could live. Today, the population has risen to almost 150,000, with more people moving their every day. It also has more tourism, and in this article, we will discuss the demographics that might be of interest to people that are considering either revisit or a permanent move to the area.

What Is In Naperville?

Located a little closer than Aurora in Wisconsin, also off the 88, is a city by the name of Naperville. Essentially, many of the cities surrounding Chicago are simply suburbs, and more people are moving into them to get out of the actual city. These tend to have newer developments, and people that have good jobs in Chicago often purchase these newer properties in areas that are constantly developing. There are several things that you can do in Naperville such as go to Centennial Beach where you can take advantage of swimming in the river, waterslides, and even diving. If you enjoy playing golf, there is the Cress Creek Country Club, and also the Chicago Golf Club, along with the Paddleboat Quarry. These are all very popular destinations for people that are either in one of the surrounding suburbs, or for people that are in Chicago, so that they can have fun golfing and swimming.

Demographics Of Naperville

Starting with the demographics related to population, like most of the surrounding areas around Chicago, the census bureau started in the 18 hundreds. It had about the same as all other smaller cities did, roughly 2000 people. It has grown significantly in the last 20 years, nearly doubling in its total population, similar to other cities including Aurora. Within that population are over 50,000 households, and the population density has grown significantly. Unlike other areas in the Chicago suburbs, there is a relatively large amount of Caucasians, roughly about 82%. The Latino population is under five percent which is very different from other suburbs that are close by. Therefore, if you are Hispanic, then you are looking to move into an area with other Hispanics, this might not be the area for you. If you are Caucasian, or European, it should be a good set. However, more than ever before, this type of demographic is not important to people as we are all recognizing that the color of your skin, race, or even your religion, is not a representation of the people that may be your neighbors. Additionally, the median income is actually very high for a household is $100,000 a year, with males making $80,000 and females making $46,000 on average. One of the reasons for this higher than normal amount is that Naperville is very close to the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, as well as Bell Labs. These are very high paying jobs, so if you have a degree in these technical areas, you will likely have a wonderful place to live and a high-paying job.

Researching demographics is sometimes necessary if you were going to make a choice as to where you want to live. Whether you decide to live in Chicago proper, or in one of the suburbs like Naperville, there is always going to be some type of opportunity available. It is the goal of most individuals, especially with families, to find a city that can provide them with everything that they will need to feel comfortable. Naperville definitely is a modern city, complete with everything you could possibly hope to find, a modern location that you might want to consider moving to one day.