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What Are The Demographics Of Kenosha?

Whether you are moving to Kenosha which is located in Wisconsin, you might be the type of person that is interested in living adjacent to the lake, which is why you decided to move to this smaller city. By smaller, this simply means in comparison to a larger city that is close by such as Milwaukee which has almost 600,000 people. Although Milwaukee is also located on the shores of Lake Michigan, many people prefer the more hometown atmosphere of Kenosha by comparison. They also may prefer the demographics that are in the city in comparison to other towns and cities in the area, something that we will now discuss.

What Is Kenosha Known For?

Although this city is known for many different things, it has a history involving the Pay a video Indians that originated back 13,500 years ago. It is also a place where original white settlers came into the area after being defeated by Indians in Racine and Milwaukee. A substantial change occurred when automobile production began, causing the population to grow quite a bit, leading to the larger population that we have today. It is also known for 21 different locations, in three separate districts, that have property in the National Register of Historic Places.

Demographics For Kenosha

When you start to look at the demographics over the last 15 years, you can see that many things have changed dramatically, whereas others have remained very similar. For example, for the last couple decades, there has been an increase in the population of about 10,000 people, which is actually quite large in comparison to the preceding three decades. In 2000, when the census was taken, there were actually 22,000 families. Today, there are 24,000 families, as well as 37,000 households, all representative of the people that live and work in this city. There has been a significant change in the racial makeup of the city. If you look back at 2000 census information, 83 percent of the people were white. There were only seven percent African-Americans, but in 2010, these numbers have significantly changed. 2010 census information shows that 77 percent of the population is white, a decrease of six percent in the last several years. Additionally, African-Americans have increased by nearly 3 percent, showing that there is a great deal of diversity occurring in this city, just like in the rest of the nation. One other demographic to consider is the median age of the people that live in the city which is 33 years old. This is related to the number of families that are raising their children in the area, apart from larger cities, which is why this number is reflective of what may be the intention of those in the area living there for the benefit of their kids.

Kenosha is a beautiful city, a place that has fine dining, and fun things that you can do within the city itself, or out on the water. It is designed for people that are very comfortable with Metropolitan lifestyles, but would prefer to be in a much more low-key atmosphere. If you are a tourist, and you are thinking about traveling into the area, it will definitely not disappoint. There are always fun filled things to do. It is a destination designed for individuals that are either transitioning to a place for the benefit of their family out of the big-city, or a place that tourists can truly enjoy a little bit of what Wisconsin has to offer on a regular basis regardless of the time of year that you travel.