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Quick Overview Of The Demographics Of Fort Wayne Indiana

Are you thinking about moving to Fort Wayne, the city in Indiana, centrally located south of South Bend, and north of Indianapolis, the city that has quite a history? It is actually a very large city, second only to Indianapolis itself. It is much larger than Bloomington, South Bend or even Gary Indiana, and has a lot of promise for people in certain professions. What most people will do when considering a potential move to a different city or town, they will always check out the demographics of a particular location. This will give them an idea of what the future may hold for them based upon population increases, jobs that are available, and how many families are in the area.

A Little Bit About Fort Wayne

Similar to many of the cities that are extremely large around the Great Lakes area, the typically get around 1850. Fort Wayne added initial population of 4000, and grew steadily up until the 1970s. It was after the 19 nineties that its population began to increase to the tune of 30,000 people every decade. This has to do with the diversity of the population, as well as the many different manufacturing jobs that are in the area. The 1980s was a very bad time where over 30,000 jobs were lost. It was only through diversity that the economy began to return, focusing on transportation, distribution, healthcare and business services to bring everything back up to normal. Some of the largest companies include Data Holding Corporation, a company that is American-based that is responsible for virtually every powertrain component in all vehicles made today. It employs about 24,000 people worldwide, and is one of the many companies that has made Fort Wayne a much richer and diverse city.

Demographics Of Fort Wayne

when you do a cursory overview of the demographics, with its quarter million people, you will see that the primary decrease in ethnicity comes from the white population. Less than three quarters of Fort Wayne are white, with 15% black, 8% Hispanic, and many other nationalities. Over 30% of the households have kids under 18. Based upon this, you can see that there are many families that are employed by the car industry, health industry, and the educational sector. It is a place for growth, and is growing every year, and would be a great choice for a young family if they want to move into this area. It may also be worth noting that it is called the City of Churches, and that is because there are 360 in the area. Therefore, if you are not religious, it may not be the right place for you, as you may need to socialize using different strategies.

Fort Wayne is a beautiful city, one that is steeped in culture and a rich history of how we changed over the last 150 years. It is a city of growth, and is perfect for young families, and is close enough to larger cities such as Indianapolis and Chicago so that you can interact in major metropolitan areas if you want to. If you are transferring to the area, you will likely have a good job, and the cost of living is reasonable. It is the perfect place for individuals that need to be close to the water, and large cities, but not directly there, which is exactly what Fort Wayne provides its residents. Once you have become accustomed to the lifestyle change in this area which does not offer a lot in terms of mountains, streams or lakes, you should be able to connect with people through sports, religion, or other social activities which can be good for both you and your family.