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Demographics Of Appleton Wisconsin

If you are heading east across the top of the United States, and you are passing through the Dakotas and Minnesota, you will end up in the state of Wisconsin. It is a state that people visit when they want to experience the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, both of which bring quite a few tourists. Top destinations typically include places like Milwaukee, or even Chicago which is in Illinois just below. Appleton is a destination that you should consider placing on your list of cities to visit, a location in Wisconsin that actually has extremely diverse demographics.

Demographics For Wisconsin

To understand why the demographics of Appleton are going to be a little different than what you will typically find across the United States, you must first out a foundational understanding of what demographics happen to be in the state of Wisconsin. In regard to racial composition, or ethnicity, 86% of the people in this state are white. The remaining 14% consisting of African-Americans, Asians, Native Americans, and other nationalities. this has been dramatically changing in recent decades as more diverse ethnicities have started to integrate into states that were predominately Caucasian. That being said, now let’s look at Appleton, it’s demographics, and a couple things that you might want to consider if you are going to visit this wonderful city.

Demographics For Appleton

Starting with the population, there has been a consistent increase in the number of people that have moved into this city. It is currently at 73,000 people, and very similar to the demographics of nationality presented about Wisconsin as a whole, it is 87% white. Total households include 28,000, with a third of each of those households having kids that are still going to school. It is a very monogamous community with half of the people married, and living together, with very few people in retirement age levels. The median age of individuals in this particular city is about 35 years old. And finally, if you look at the combination of all of the counties of which Appleton is a part of, the combined population for all metropolitan areas is actually as much as 360,000, with the same racial breakdown.

Why You Should Visit Or Move There

If you do decide to visit, you can actually fly right in on the Appleton international Airport. It’s also easy to access if you drive to this location which is on the shores of Lake Winnebago, and just a stones throw away from Green Bay on Lake Michigan. You can take advantage of the professional football team the Green Bay Packers that plays, or just enjoy all of the fun water-based activities which include rafting, canoeing, or sailing out on the lake. It’s a great place to go hunting, and there are plenty of wooded areas that you can also take advantage of if hiking is your thing.

This brief overview of the demographics of Appleton Wisconsin should give you an idea of what to expect, especially in regard to nationalities that you will encounter. It is very different from Los Angeles or San Francisco where you will find quite a bit of diversity in terms of people from all over the world. Although the change in this area is slow, more ethnicities are moving in, and this is just a matter of time. Additionally, if you are not concerned about the type of people that you will meet, you can simply enjoy the close proximity to the large cities in the area, and all of the recreational activities that you will have available to you and your family once you arrive.