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The Best Restaurants In Waukesha Wisconsin

Traveling to the state of Wisconsin, if you happen to be coming down the eastern side adjacent to Lake Michigan, you might want to consider stopping in at a city by the name of Waukesha. This city has a rich history, one that started back in the 1800s when European settlers began to move toward the West Coast. It is a place that is now known for some of the best restaurants that you can frequent, and if you happen to be new to the area, here are some of our top recommendations.

What You Should Know About Waukesha

When you first arrive, you will be treated to a city that is both nostalgic yet large. It has over 70,000 people, and if you would prefer doing something out on the lake, it’s not that far away. Depending upon the time of the year that you go, you will either be treated to excellent boat rides on warmer waters, or you could actually see a significant amount of snow and ice. It is the county seat of Waukesha County, plus one of the suburbs of Milwaukee, which means you can also visit this well-known city in Wisconsin while you happen to be in Waukesha.

How It All Began

The city began in the 1800s, one that was led by a man by the name of Cutler, representing the first European-American settlers in the area. Plenty of virgin forest, as well as wild prairies, were primary motivators for people moving to this location. Once the settlers had purchased the land, they started to build roads, farms, and create homes and buildings that would later become the large city that we have today. It is considered to be a new England settlement, as many of the people that move here came from upstate New York, New Hampshire and Connecticut. These Yankee settlers may have also been descendent of the English Puritans, but regardless of who actually arrived here first, this village of Prairieville was soon renamed Waukesha, and grew into the Metropolitan area we have today.

What Is The Climate Like?

The climate is actually very nice, considering that it is in the state of Wisconsin which is known for having significant amounts of snowfall. It can get as much as three feet of snow, but it is during the warmer times of the year, from May through October, the many tourists tend to visit this location. There are many cities adjacent to the area including the City of Brookfield, New Berlin, and if you don’t mind traveling a few miles, Madison and Milwaukee are close by. It’s a good central location for those that would like to see other parts of this area of the United States, yet stay in a city that is not too large or intimidating.

The Economy Of Waukesha

The economy is actually dependent upon the GE healthcare system, and several other health centers in the area. There is also the school district, the Cooper power systems company, and all those that work for Waukesha County. There are also reasons for tourists to come which can boost the local economy which includes one of the stages of the Dairyland cycling event. Additionally, it has many schools including Catholic schools, private Christian schools, and preparatory Academy’s for kids that are going to move into higher education. All of these businesses provide a substantial income for those in the area, averaging about $60,000 per year. There are also restaurants that do very well in the city, a few of which we will mention next.

Restaurants In Waukesha

The top three restaurants that are located in Waukesha include the La Estacion which caters to people that prefer to have Mexican food. It is actually in an old historic train depot, and provides a wide variety of Spanish and Mexican foods that people enjoy. There is also an American bar and restaurant called Taylor’s People’s Park. This is located on West Main Street, designed for people that like to have a good meal and a wide selection of choices. Finally, for individuals that cannot get enough Southern style barbecue ribs, Pats Rib Place gets high recommendations. It’s not only the fact that the sauce is so incredible, but that the meat literally falls right off of the ribs, making it a very enjoyable experience

Whether you are living in Waukesha, or simply driving through, you need to try at least one of these restaurants. After you have eaten, you can also go downtown to see what else is available in terms of shopping, cultural events, and fun things to do. If you would prefer, you can head out to the lake and take a boat ride, and come back in walk through the many beautiful landscapes that surround the area. Waukesha may be small in comparison to larger metropolitan areas, but it offers the best of both worlds in terms of hints of the city life, and some of the best restaurants that you will find in Wisconsin.