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The Top 10 Best Restaurants In Rockford Illinois

Rockford Illinois is a great place to visit for many reasons. Take out your knife and fork and bring a napkin. The restaurants are a treat and make a long-term trip worth making a longer stay in the area to enjoy. You are lucky if you call Rockford home because there is plenty of great food, cocktails, live entertainment and ambiance to keep restaurant goers very happy for a long time.

The Stockholm Inn is one of the most popular restaurants in Rockford. For visitors to the area, the Swedish influence is subtle but present in Illinois. Maybe visit the Stockholm Inn after a day at an area Swedish Parade. It is open from 6 in the morning until 8 at night. It is and known for serving up a great buffet. Though, the Swedish pancakes are the major draw for the restaurant and the most popular item. Have them with the lingonberries for an authentic dish. The Stockholm in has ample parking,

The Social Urban Bar And Restaurant serves up American contemporary fare with local ingredients, bringing them farm to table. They feature duck, pork, charcuterie, small plates, along with cocktails that satisfy. People love the warm ambiance on a cold night. Sit at the bar to feast your eyes as the bartenders maneuver to make the fancy mixed drinks.

If there’s anything Illinois knows, it is its steak and potatoes. The Tavern on Clark is a great steak place with a fabulous French onion soup, lobster tacos, chops, a great beer selection, and its surf and turf.

Lino’s is among the best restaurants in Rockford. It is a classic Italian restaurant, complete with red leather booths. These days everyone is a pizza expert. Lino’s never departed from its roots — serving up big, fresh pizza. They have lasagna and excellent manicotti. It is a family favorite.

While Lino’s is a family friendly gathering place to share a big meal, a fish fry, and a couple beers, Franchesco’s is a special Italian restaurant. It’s where people go to celebrate that big promotion, to get engaged, or to have a 50th birthday party. Whatever the occasion, think ambiance, and a romantic date.

They serve a warm bread basket that kicks off their specialties from sea bass to steaks.

The dueling pianos make for a lively and entertaining evening. On other nights a piano player and a trumpet serenade diners for an even more elegant dining experience.

The Machine Shed serves up great comfort food. BBQ brisket, turkey dinners, country fried chicken. And, they serve a hearty breakfast as well that is popular in the area. Be sure to have a country breakfast while in Rockford, if you are visiting.

The Thunder Bay Grille is another favorite in the area too. It is open 11 am to 10 pm at night. The dining room is roomy and provides a contemporary lodge backdrop. It is a warm place and inviting and casual. It is a great place to enjoy steaks and seafood with a Cajun flair.

The top restaurants in Rockford, Illinois include everything from casual family Italian to elegant Italian dining. Middle America loves its meats, and Rockford has its share of steaks, lobster, and barbecue too. Pasta, pizza, fish, and everything and even Swedish pancakes lingonberry satisfy every hankering people can have there. Many offer up live music, bands from dueling pianos to smooth piano and trumpet.

These are some of the top restaurants in the Rockford area. The restaurants serve many different tastes, price ranges, and offer up a lot of different backdrops.