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Finding The Best Restaurants In Kenosha Is Easy

Traveling up into the Wisconsin area, you will be treated to many different tourist attractions, waterways, and of course restaurants were you can eat. This is located off the side of Lake Michigan, very close to Racine, Milwaukee, and not that far from Chicago. There are many things that you can do such as take advantage of the lake front activities that are always occurring, or visit the convention and visitors Bureau, or the public museum system that kids will love including the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. For adults, it might be more interesting to find a place where you can eat at a good restaurant. We will show you exactly where you should go based upon the ratings of people are given the different diners in the area that you will absolutely enjoy.

What Do People Typically Eat In Wisconsin?

Although this state is known for the cheese that it produces, that does not necessarily mean that people in the area are that fond of eating cheese every day. They are actually known for fried fish, what are called beer brats, butter burgers and booyah. However, when you go to a restaurant, you will likely have a vast assortment of different culinary choices, ones that can range from Italian food, Mexican food, and Chinese. Once you get up into Kenosha, you will see many different places such as Jockey International Incorporated, many parks, and you can also go to the Simmons Island Beach which is near the Kenosha Pierhead Lighthouse. There is also the HarborPark which is adjacent to Kenosha Harbor, all of which are great places to take family, friends and kids.

Restaurants To Eat At

Once you have done a full day of checking out the different sites in Kenosha, you will definitely be hungry. Here are a few of the restaurants that are either recommended by people in the area, as well as visitors that have come through lately.

Sazzy B – Kenosha Restaurant

This is an American Café, one that serves seafood and many other dishes. One of the reasons that people go there, especially during the evening hours, is because they have like music. If you go to their website, you can learn about Stu the piano guy, and how they are able to bring a big-city atmosphere to the downtown area of Kenosha. It is a great place to be on Thursday nights, and regardless of the type of food you are looking for, for either lunch or dinner, you can find exactly what you want.

House of Gerhard

this is a destination off the 50 which is essentially and old German eatery that is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. You can take advantage of their menu that is online, as well as a physical copy of the menu that you can see by clicking on it, looking out there different meals that they have available. They are actually celebrating five decades in the industry, and were rated restaurant of the year in 2009. It is definitely a place for people to go if you want to experience good German food, as well as other things that they have on the menu

These are just a few of the places that you can go if you are interested in getting fine food in the city of Kenosha. There are several other places including Ron’s Place, Culvers, and a wide selection of others. It just depends on the type of food you are looking for, how much you want to spend, or if you want to have live music. It also depends on the time of the week that you arrive, and what they happen to have on the menu, as to what will be available for you. Once you have reached Kenosha, you will realize that this is actually a very thriving community, one that is full of wondrous things that everyone can have fun doing throughout the day. And when it comes to eating, you can find exactly what you want, from fast food, to fine dining, all in this city of Kenosha.